Ullensaker library

The library in Ullensaker contains a variety of literature, newspapers and movies. Audio books are now digital, and are available in the apps BookBites and Libby. The library also provides a variety of cultural activities and events, and we collaborate with the public school system.

The main library in Ullensaker is located in the House of Culture in Jessheim. It offers reading room facilities, a meeting room, computers and free use of WIFI.

The branch library in Kløfta is also centrally located close to the local shopping centre and the train station. 

E-books and Library-app

With the Libby app you can easily borrow, read and listen to e-books and e-audiobooks in English.

E-books and audiobooks in Norwegian are available for downloading with the BookBites app. Download from App Store or Google Play.

Bibliofil-app is now available for tablets and mobile phones with newer versions of Android and iOS. This is an app that makes it easy to locate the library's services. It has full access to search, booking and borrower sites.

Start up the app, select library and log in as usual with your patron number and PIN. Switching between libraries is easily done from the top menu on the screen. The app provides access to all Bibliofil libraries.

Download from App Store or Google Play.

Opening hours 02.01.2023

 UnstaffedStaffedExtended hours
Monday, Wednesday og Friday 9-12 12-16 8-21
Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 12-18 8-21
Saturday   10-15 10-21
Sunday closed 12-21

11-18 8-21
Tuesday and Wednesday 10-16 8-21
Thursday 10-18 8-21
Friday closed 8-21
Saturday 11-14 10-21
Sunday closed 12-21


User regulations 

Ullensaker Library makes information, learning and cultural expression available to everyone. The services of the library are free.

You need a library card to borrow library items. Everyone with a permanent address in Norway can get a library card by showing ID. Children can get a library card when they start school. All children under the age of 15 will need a parents’ signature to get a card.

You can keep library items for 4 weeks, with the exception of DVDs (7 days) and language courses (6 weeks). You can renew most items, as long as it is not reserved for other users. If you do not return borrowed items on time, fees apply.

If the items you are looking for are not available, you can make a reservation.

We can also order items from other libraries for you to pick up at Ullensaker library. Other rules may apply, but in that case you will be informed.

You are responsible for all items borrowed on your library card. Damaged or lost items must be replaced.

Please notify the library if you have a new address, new contact information, or if you lose your library card. The owner of the library card may be held responsible for misuse of the card.

For institutions other user regulations apply. 

Patron registration form

Overdue and replacement fees 

Overdue fee:

First notice: 0 NKr

Second notice: 0 NKr

Third notice: 0 NKr

Fourth notice: Full replacement

(Confirmed 26.11.2020)

Replacement fees:

Books and audio books for adults 500 NKr

Books and audio books for children 350 NKr

Comic books and paperbacks 200 NKr

Periodicals 140 NKr

Language courses 715 NKr

DVDs 260 NKr

Computer games 550 NKr

(Confirmed 01.01.2020)

Extended opening hours

Extended opening hours will allow you to use the library outside staffed opening hours.

By signing a contract with us, being 18 years or older, you gain access to the library. Stop by to fill in the contract, or print it out, fill it in and bring it to the library. 

Printable version

What can I do during extended opening hours?
  • Borrow, return, browse, search, pick up books and other media yourself.
  • Read and gather information.
  • Read papers and magazines.
  • Do homework and study.
  • Access the wireless network.

The library is a public and shared space, and it is for the use and enjoyment of everyone in it. By upgrading your library card into an access-card to the extended opening hours, you agree to follow these simple rules:

  • Be considerate to other users.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Keep noise level low and behave respectfully.
  • Follow the current lending rules and regulations.
  • In case of fire, leave the area.
  • Everyone above the age of 18 must have their own, upgraded library card to enter. Parents / guardians can bring children younger than 18 years. For the safety of the children, they should not be left alone during the extended opening hours.
  • The contract and the library card are strictly personal and only you can use the card as an admission card. This means you cannot let other people into the library. Everyone has to register with their own card. Violation of this condition may result in the suspension of the right to use the extended opening hours of Ullensaker public library.

There is video surveillance in the library and recordings are stored safely in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The surveillance is for your safety and for the protection of the library's inventory and equipment. All data is automatically deleted after seven days. Vandalism will be reported to the police. Visiting the library during the extended opening hours-library is on your own responsibility.

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